What does it do?

Converts a numeric value to text and lets you specify the display formatting by using special format strings

Formula breakdown:

=TEXT(value, format text)

What it means:

=TEXT(a numeric value or a formula, a text string enclosed in quotation marks)

The TEXT function in Excel allows you to convert a numeric value to a specific format by using special format strings.

If you have a date and want to show just the month or if you have a large number and want to show it in a thousands format , then the TEXT function is your savior.

An example usage of the TEXT would be:

Following is a demonstration and a table of the different ways you can display a value in Excel by using the TEXT function:


How to Use the Text Formula in Excel


To display As Use this format
1234.59 1234.6 “####.#”
8.9 8.900 “#.000”
0.631 0.6 “0.#”
1234.568 1234.6 “#.0#”
5.25 5 1/4 “# ???/???”
12000 12000 “#,###”
12000 12 “#,”
12200000 12.2 “0.0,,”
Months 1–12 “m”
Months 01–12 “mm”
Months Jan–Dec “mmm”
Months January–December “mmmm”
Months J–D “mmmmm”
Days 1–31 “d”
Days 01–31 “dd”
Days Sun–Sat “ddd”
Days Sunday–Saturday “dddd”
Years 00–99 “yy”
Years 1900–9999 “yyyy”
Hours 0–23 “h”
Hours 00–23 “hh”
Minutes 0–59 “m”
Minutes 00–59 “mm”
Seconds 0–59 “s”
Seconds 00–59 “ss”
Time 4:00 AM “h AM/PM”
Time 4:36 PM “h:mm AM/PM”
Time 4:36:03 PM “h:mm:ss A/P”
Time 36:03.8 “h:mm:ss.00”



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