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Learn the many Excel keyboard shortcuts & tips that will make you faster in Excel.

We have the perfect combination of Excel tips, tricks and shortcuts that you can use to increase your productivity by tenfold. See our best Excel shortcuts below!

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  1. 333 Excel Shortcuts for Windows and Mac– We have created a FREE downloadable PDF cheat sheet and a full searchable list of the 333 Excel Shortcuts for both in Windows and Mac for you! Download it, print it and post it to your wall so that you can get a quick reminder of the best Excel keyboard shortcuts out there.Read more
  2. The Best Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks– We have rounded up 18 of the best Microsoft Excel experts & MVPs from around the world to share their best Microsoft Excel tips & tricks in 2019!Read more
  3. How to Remove Formulas in Excel– There are times when I have an Excel worksheet full of formulas and I want to hard code the results and remove the formulas completely. This is very easy to do in Excel!Read more
  4. Add the Calculator to the Excel Toolbar– There were times when I had to find my Calculator App while I was doing some quick calculations in Excel. Instead of scrambling for the Calculator Application, you can actually have this inside of Excel!Read more
  5. How to Use Windings Symbols in Excel– I will show you how easy it is to pick a cool Wingdings Symbol and use it in your Excel worksheet!Read more
  6. How to Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces in Excel– Leading spaces (at the start of the text) and Trailing spaces (at the end of the text) usually get in the way when we want to perform operations in Excel. Whether it leading or trailing spaces, we already have a couple ways how to clean them in Excel.Read more
  7. How to Group Worksheets in Excel– Ever had a time when you needed to modify data across multiple worksheets? It is very easy to do this using the Group Worksheets feature in Excel!Read more
  8. Top 10 Excel Double Click Mouse Tricks– There are a lot of times when the mouse beats the keyboard in terms of efficiency in Excel. Here are Top 10 Excel Double Click Mouse Tricks for Excel Power Users like you!Read more
  9. Evaluate Formulas Step By Step in Excel– This is one of the coolest tricks I have seen in Excel, as there are countless times wherein I had a hard time understand formulas. Especially long and complex ones!Read more
  10. CTRL + SHIFT + ARROWS: Move/Highlight Cells– If you want to quickly move to the last cell of your table/data you can press CTRL + ↔ ↕. If you want to quickly highlight up to the last cell of your table/data you can press CTRL + SHIFT + ↔ ↕.Read more

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