Power Query lets you perform a series of steps to transform your Excel data.

One of the steps it allows you to take is to group rows and get the counts of each group very easily.

Group Rows and Get Counts Using Power Query | MyExcelOnline


Let’s go through the steps in detail:


STEP 1: Select your data and turn it into an Excel Table by pressing the shortcut Ctrl + T or by going to Insert > Table

Group By - Count 01


STEP 2: Go to Data > Get & Transform > From Table (Excel 2016) or Power Query > Excel Data > From Table (Excel 2013 & 2010)

Excel 2016:

 Group By - Count 02

Excel 2013 & 2010:

from table


STEP 3: This will open up the Power Query Editor.

We want to group this data by Country and show how many times each Country appeared in the table. (i.e. Australia appears 4 times in this table)

Group By - Count 03


STEP 4: Within here you need to select Transform > Group By

Group By - Count 04


STEP 5: Make sure to select Country for Group By, and select Count Rows for the Operation.

This will group your table by Country value, and count the number of occurrences of each country.

For example, the country of Australia appears 4 times in our table.

Group By - Count 05

STEP 6: Now you will see your changes take place. And the data has now been grouped together.

Group By - Count 06


STEP 7: Click Close & Load from the Home tab and this will open up a brand new worksheet in your Excel workbook with the new data.

Group By - Count 07

You now have your new table with the counts of each country.

Group By - Count 08


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