Organizational Charts are important in any business and documenting them is very easy to do within Excel and in particular, SmartArt.

To create an Organizational Chart in Excel you have to go to the ribbon menu and select Insert > SmartArt > Hierarchy > Organizational Chart.

These charts are very intuitive and you can click inside each shape to add your organizational titles.

When you click on the Organizational Chart it opens up the SmartArt Tools menu and in the Design tab you have an array of options in the Create Graphic group, which is loacted on the far left hand side of the ribbon.  You can:

ADD A SHAPE AFTER/BEFORE: This adds another shape to the right/left of the selected shape

ADD A SHAPE ABOVE/BELOW: This adds another shape one level above/below the selected shape E.g. Adds Managers after the VP

ADD AN ASSISTANT: This adds an assistant below the selected shape

RIGHT TO LEFT: This switches the layout of the selected hierarchy to the Left or to the Right of the Organizational Chart

PROMOTE/DEMOTE: This increases/decreases the level of the selected shape E.g. You can select a Manager and promote him/her to a VP

MOVE UP/DOWN: Moves the selected shape forward or backward in the sequence E.g. Swap the Managers around

CHANGE THE DESIGN: Click in the Organizational Chart and go to SmartArt Tools in the ribbon menu and choose the Design tab.  From the drop down box you can choose a variety of designs.

CHANGE THE COLORS: Click in the Organizational Chart and go to SmartArt Tools in the ribbon menu and choose the Design tab.  Click on the Change Colors button to change the color variation of your Organizational Chart.

P.S. You can also change shapes by Right Clicking on a shape and selecting the Change Shape option.


Organizational Chart



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