This is a guest post by Puneet Gogia from ExcelChamps.

Have you ever heard about Excel’s drag & drop menu?

If you haven’t, then it’s alright because this is one of the most unused options in excel that I ever found.

This option is super helpful for those who are more dependent on their mouse.

So, today I’ll show you how to use this hidden power tool.


Steps To Use Drag Drop Menu

Using this drag drop menu is super easy. You just need few clicks.

Let’s say you want to move your data from one section to another section. All you have to do.

1. Select your data.

2. Go to the edge of your selection (Thick Border).

3. Right click & hold.

4. Now by holding your mouse, drag & drop it to the place where you want to move it.

5. And, when you drop it, you’ll get a menu. Select “Move Here” from the menu.


Other Options You Have

You have total 10 options which you can use from this menu. Here I am explaining each of them for your better understanding.

1. Move Here

As I already told you, you can move your data from one section to another section with this option.


2. Copy Here

Just like moving data, you can also copy your data from one section to another section.

After drag & drop just click on “Copy Here” from the menu.


3. Copy Here as Value

This is one my favorite things about this menu. You can use this option to paste your data as values.

But here is the twist, Let’s say you have formulae in your worksheet and you want to convert that formulae into values.

I bet this is a better option than paste special.

It goes like this.


  1. Select the data from your worksheet.
  2. Now, by using right click drag & drop it to the same place where it is.
  3. And, from the menu select “Copy Here as Value”.

4. Copy Here as Format

Yes, you get it right. You can use this option to paste formatting from one section to another.

Just drag & drop your data & select the “Copy Here as Format”.

It will just paste the formatting you have in your original section.


5. Link Here

By using this option you can paste your values as a link (not as a hyperlink).

Let’s say you have data in range D5:D10 & when you drag that data on range F5:F10 using this drag drop menu, it will create a link in cells in range F5:F10.


6. Create Hyperlink Here

You can also create a hyperlink in your worksheet using this drag & drop menu.

When you drag your data just select “Create Hyperlink Here”. And, it will create a hyperlink to your original cells.


Things to Remember.

  1. When you have more than one cell in your original section it will create a hyperlink only for the first cell from the range.
  2. You are only able to use this option if your workbook is saved.

7. Shift Down and Copy

If you already have some data where you try to paste your original data, you can use this option.

It will shift the data down & copy your original data on that place.


8. Shift Right and Copy

And if you want to move that data which you already have, in right direction use this option.

This option will move it to the right & copy your data to that place.


9. Shift Down and Move

Use this option if you just want to move your original data and want to shift the data from destination section in a downward direction.


10. Shift Right and Move

And, if you want to move data from destination cells in the right direction, drag & drop your original data & select “Shift Right and Move” from the menu.


Over To You

This menu is a super time saver. I hope it will save your lot of time & efforts while working in excel.

If you want to be more productive in excel, here I have a Excel Productivity Guide for you.

Make sure to share your view with me in the comment box. I would love to hear from you.


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