The SUMIFS function can also Sum multiple criteria with matches that are similar but not exact.  This can be done with the wildcards * and ?

So if you have John, Paul and Ringo in your Sales Rep list and want to select just John and Ringo, then you would use “*o*” criteria.  This means that any name that contains the letter o will be included in your sum.

SUMIFS function: Wildcards * | MyExcelOnline



Here are more examples of how the wildcard characters work:

*Returns any series of characters before/after the asterisk
Begins with…Glo*Globex Corporation
Globo Gym American Corp
Ends with…*techInitech
Contains…*inc*Acme, inc.
Demo, inc.
Incom Corporation
Input, Inc.
Sample, inc
?Returns text that contains one variable
Contains…a?cABC Telecom
Monarch Playing Card Co.
Sombra Corporation
Spade and Archer



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