“I can now demand a higher level of compensation from my clients. I can do more myself and don’t have to pay other contractors to do data analysis.”

Andrew’s Results

  • Ability to manipulate data
  • Can use pivot tables
  • Developed deeper Excel skills
  • More confident in client negotiations

How MyExcelOnline helped Andrew develop new skills in Excel

  • Well organized lessons that progress from beginner to advanced
  • Information presented in bite-size chunks
  • Professional and up to date course materials
  • Responsive customer support

What challenges did you have using Excel?

My name is Andrew Phillips, and I am the sole proprietor of a consulting business based in the United States. I am a pretty intensive Excel user, and I use it for several hours a day.

I have been an Excel user for a long time and have the basics down pretty well, but a client project pushed me to develop deeper skills. I needed to do data analysis and pivot reporting that I did not have the skills for.

I was looking around for training when I came upon MyExcelOnline, and I decided to go with them. I have looked at three or four different Excel-related newsletters.

I found that MyExcelOnline was organized well. The content was presented well, and I liked that the information came in bite-sized chunks so I could start and stop easily. In general, it is professionally done.

What was your Eureka moment?

As I mentioned, I have a client project that requires a large amount of data analysis. It required a lot of different slices and cuts on the data.

After going through many pivot classes with MyExcelOnline, I realized how much MyExcelOnline had helped me.

By the time I was done with the project, I had used a great deal of what I had been learning through MyExcelOnline. It paid off immediately.

How did MyExcelOnline help you?

Now I am more confident undertaking new projects where the client needs a particular type of data analysis. I know that I can do it without subcontracting it out.

I know what I can do, and I know what I can’t do. My confidence to deliver for a client pays off in the conversations and negotiations that I have.

Would you recommend MyExcelOnline?

I would absolutely recommend MyExcelOnline. I think that it is professionally run.

I have been pleased with all my customer service interactions, but most importantly, the content has been great. It’s high quality, deep, and gives you different ways to look at the same problem-solving.

Excel can be a rabbit hole. There are so many different ways to do the same thing, and MyExcelOnline presents those multiple methods in an easy to understand fashion.