“My only concern with MyExcelOnline was the cost and whether I had the budget for it company-wide. It was important to me personally that I invested in myself. It turns out that my boss saw the value in the company paying for me. I know it will make my professional life better and give me a skill I can take with me.”

Lawrence’s Results

  • A marketable skill
  • Greater confidence with macros
  • The ability to build foolproof processes
  • Time savings and productivity

How MyExcelOnline helped Lawrence become more productive

  • A structured program for users of all proficiency levels
  • Highly detailed learning materials
  • Flexible online learning
  • A supportive online community

What challenges did you have using Excel?

My name is Lawrence Almengor, and I am a controller at Hamilton, an environmental construction company. The financials of the company flows through my hands. I must have all the skills to handle that quickly and efficiently.

I had to make inputting data for my colleagues efficient and dummy-proof, using drop-down lists. I also needed the tools for the technical manipulation of data.

I am used to being the Excel guru wherever I have been. I know that I am just at the tip of the iceberg with my knowledge. I know there’s so much more that could just 10X my day as far as my output and skillset.

What was your Eureka moment?

I have got still have so much to learn about Excel, despite having a solid base knowledge. When I create a process, and it executes, I do a fist pump, and I’m not ashamed about that at all. I am an Excel nerd!

Even simple things like drop-downs and pivots, and macros are exciting. Having a resource that I can go to and ask questions is great.

Recently I was asking why my ribbon changes when I do a specific keystroke and got a response within the hour. I love just MyExcelOnline!

How did MyExcelOnline help you?

The most significant transformation is the greater productivity in my day to day work. Also, recording a macro that was beyond my skill set before the academy and then executing it.

Seeing something that would take me 10 or 20 minutes happen in the blink of an eye almost brought me to tears. Having these additional tools makes me feel more secure as a professional.

There’s not too many scenarios or situations with Excel that bring me stress now because there is always a way I can find a solution. All I need is a little bit of time and access to MyExcelOnline!

Would you recommend MyExcelOnline?

I am an evangelist of MyExcelOnline because it has made my day so much easier.

I can now think strategically and make sense of the data that Excel generates instead of spending so much time putting the data together.