“When people ask me how it is going, I tell them they have to enrol! Everyone thinks they know so much about Excel, but you don’t have any idea what you can learn. I thought I had a basic understanding, but right from the very beginning, I discovered new ways to use Excel.”

Sophia’s Results

  • A deeper understanding of the accounting features in Excel
  • Moved from a basic user to advanced
  • Greater confidence at work
  • Is able to be more productive and efficient

How MyExcelOnline helped Sophia improve her Excel skills

  • A logical progression from basic to advanced user
  • Easily accessible online material
  • Up to date course material based on real-world experience
  • Attentive tutors and an active learning community

What challenges did you have using Excel?

My name is Sophia, and I am a finance and business economist by profession. In my line of work, I often use Excel for editing, storing and analyzing data.

In the past, I was supposed to be using Excel at an intermediate level, but I didn’t know how to use some of the program’s accounting features.

I saw that it took a long time for me to achieve the results I was looking for. I realized that I was only a basic user, even though I was supposed to be using it on an intermediate level.

What was your Eureka moment?

Now I even surprise myself with how fast I can complete tasks with Excel!

It’s not like I didn’t have any knowledge of Excel before. But now, it takes me shorter periods to complete my tasks. I am trying to practice what I’ve learnt, and it is fun!

It takes me fewer hours to achieve the same things as before. I can see the results of the training every day.

When you get to work, you can see that you get things done easier and save time. I have absolutely increased my efficiency.

How did MyExcelOnline help you?

The most significant help for me was learning more about accounting tabs and accounting processes within Excel. In terms of analytics, it’s much easier when you have your data well organized.

A good thing about the course is that it also teaches you how to interpret the data, not just how to generate it.

I like that they explain the interpretation of the data, as it makes me feel more confident when I see a role that has to do with data analysis or requires Excel proficiency.

Now I feel like I am not just proficient; I’m already becoming an advanced user! So I think MyExcelOnline has really helped a lot, and I appreciate the fact that I learned that much.

Would you recommend MyExcelOnline?

I have been recommending the course already. When my friends ask me about what I am doing at the moment, I always mention my Excel classes and how well they have been going.