Ever wanted to add a header to your Excel spreadsheet? You can add a custom header using Excel Macros!

Make sure your Excel has the Developer Tab enabled following this tutorial.

I explain how you can do this below step by step!

What does it do?

Adds a custom header with your text

Copy Source Code:

Sub AddCustomHeader()

Dim inputText As String
inputText = InputBox("Enter your text for the custom header", "Custom Header")

'Add your custom text to the center header
With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
.LeftHeader = ""
.CenterHeader = inputText
.RightHeader = ""
End With

End Sub

Final Result: 

Add Custom Header

Exercise Workbook:


STEP 1: Go to Developer > Code > Visual Basic

Add Custom Header


STEP 2: Paste in your code and Select Save. Close the window afterwards.

Add Custom Header


STEP 3: Let us test it out!

Go to Developer > Code > Macros

Add Custom Header

Make sure your macro is selected. Click Run.

Add Custom Header


STEP 4: Type in your custom header, click OK.

Add Custom Header

To check if the header did get added, go to File > Print:

Add Custom Header

Now you should be able to see your text on your header!

Add Custom Header


How to Add Custom Header Using Macros In Excel


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