The Find & Replace feature or CTRL+H shortcut allows you to amend your data in seconds.  Imagine you had thousands of rows of data that was downloaded from an external system with the wrong date.  A simple CTRL+H will save you heaps of time!  See how below.



STEP 1: Let us try replacing the years 2015 with the year 2021. Select all of the Order Dates

STEP 2: Go to  Home > Find & Select > Replace

STEP 3: We want to replace 2015 with 2021. Type that in, then click Replace All

Click OK. Your values are now replaced

STEP 4: You can also use it to remove values. Let us say we want to remove the NORTH Region

Select the values of the REGION Column. Go to  Home > Find & Select > Replace

Type in the values to find the NORTH text and replace it with a blank. Click Replace All

The NORTH values are now removed!

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