Ever had a time when you needed to modify data across multiple worksheets?  It is very easy to do this using the Group Worksheets feature in Excel!

Let us say we have this same mistake on multiple worksheets –  see the Dvv typo in the screenshot below.  We want to change this to Dec

Group Worksheets

The same spelling mistake is also done for the other 2 worksheets (2017 & 2018):

Group Worksheets

Group Worksheets


I explain how you can do this and please go to the bottom of the page to see the animated gif tutorial:


STEP 1: Hold the CTRL button and select the worksheets with the left mouse button that need editing.

For our example, we need to select the 2016, 2017, and 2018 worksheets while holding the CTRL button (this will turn each selected sheet to a white color).

Group Worksheets


STEP 2: Edit the cell in any one of the worksheets.  Let us change the Dvv to Dec and press ENTER.

This will change all of the worksheet values to reflect the same change.


How to Group Worksheets in Excel

How to Group Worksheets in Excel

How to Group Worksheets in Excel


STEP 3: To ungroup the worksheets, right click on the worksheet tabs and select Ungroup Sheets (super important to do this when you finish making your changes).

How to Group Worksheets in Excel


How to Group Worksheets in Excel

How to Group Worksheets in Excel

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