In this Microsoft Project beginners guide, we will cover many beginner tasks in this tutorial including how to create tasks, assign task durations, assign start dates, access the Gantt Chart, set up predecessors (preceding tasks), create summary tasks, adjust task time, and so much more in this Beginner’s Tutorial for Microsoft Project!

We will cover the following topics in detail:

  • Installing and Starting Microsoft Project
  • Starting a New Project in Microsoft Project
  • Adding Tasks in Microsoft Project
  • The Gantt Chart in Microsoft Project
  • Predecessors in Microsoft Project
  • Color Coding Tasks in Microsoft Project
  • Summary Tasks in Microsoft Project
  • Adding Notes in Microsoft Project
  • Adjusting Task Time in Microsoft Project
  • Removing Predecessors in Microsoft Project
  • Saving a Project

Want to know how to use Microsoft Project?

*** Watch our video and step by step guide below ***

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