There is a quick and easy way to Excel Remove Duplicates from Table!

The duplicate values could be all over your Excel Table and sometimes it takes valuable time trying to locate those duplicates and then deleting them.

Not to worry, Excel Table Remove Duplicates to the rescue!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to remove duplicates in Excel table:

Let’s look at each of these methods!


Remove Duplicates

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Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table | MyExcelOnline

Follow the step-by-step tutorial on Excel Remove Duplicates from Table and download this Excel workbook to practice along:

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STEP 1: Click inside your Excel Table and select Table Tools > Design > Remove Duplicates

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table

STEP 2: This will bring up the Remove Duplicates dialogue box.  Select only the Column box that contains the duplicates that you want to remove and press OK

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table

Your duplicates are now removed!

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table


Highlight Duplicates using Conditional Formatting

Instead of simply removing duplicates from the list, you may sometimes require to highlight duplicate values from a range.

Let’s see how it can be done:

STEP 1: Select the column containing customer name.

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table

STEP 2: Go to Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules > Duplicate Values.

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table

STEP 3: In the dialog box, Click OK.

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table

All the duplicate values in the customer column will be highlighted in red!

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table


Copy Unique List to New Location

If you wish you remove duplicates and copy the list of unique values in a new location without making changes to the existing table, follow along.

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STEP 1: Go to Data > Under Sort & Filter > Select Advanced.

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table

STEP 2: In the Advanced Filter dialog box,

  • Under Action, select Copy to another location
  • Under List Range, select the customer column
  • Under Copy to, select cell where you want to paste the unique customer list
  • Check Unique records only
  • Click OK

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table

The unique list of customers will be copied to cell I6.

Remove Duplicates in an Excel Table



You can easily use either of the three options to remove duplicates from table Excel.

You can remove duplicates from the existing table or highlight duplicates or copy a list of unique values to a new location!


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