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Chief Inspirational Officer


Top 10 Secret Excel Productivity Tips!

Covering Formulas, Pivot Tables, Dashboards, Flash Fill, Shortcuts PLUS MORE!

...That Will Dramatically Reduce Repetition, Stress, and 2 Hours of Overtime!

...And Exponentially Increase Your Chances of a Promotion, Pay Raise or New Job!

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What You Will Learn In This Free Masterclass



... on Formulas, Pivot Tables & Dashboards that will SAVE YOU HOURS per day (even if you are a busy accountant, manager, financial analyst, administrator, accountant, CFO, job hunter or any other professional that uses Excel

How to let EXCEL do the work...

How to let EXCEL do the work

...for YOU!

So you can reduce repetition, stress and overtime (and finally go home early for once to your loved ones)

How to STAND OUT from your co-workers...

How to STAND OUT from your co-workers...

...with your new found Excel skills, which can lead to promotions, better pay or new jobs (and advance your career forever!)

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About John!

Hello, my name is John Michaloudis and I'm the Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer at I have a degree in Commerce (Major in Accounting) and have worked for companies such as Avon Cosmetics and General Electric.

I am an Amazon #1 bestselling author ( 101 Most Popular Formulas , 101 Ready To Use Macros and 101 Best Excel Tips & Tricks ), sought-after speaker, and teacher of Microsoft Excel & Office over at my flagship Academy online course.

Since 2014 I have helped over 1 million professionals from 100+ countries to ADVANCE their Excel level and stand out from the crowd.

In 2020 I was recognized by Microsoft Corporation for my outstanding Excel expertise and community work with the prestigious "Microsoft MVP" award.

I also blog about Microsoft Excel and host the only Excel podcast show in the world.

I live in Spain (even though I was born in Australia) with my wife and 2 beautiful kids and love a good bbq and red wine!

John Michaloudis is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional