Thermometer Charts are one of the many Charts you can create in Excel.  It does not really exist in Excel, however we can get creative and create our own.

A Thermometer Chart gives you a good view of the percentage of progress made on your project, budget etc.

We are going to use a Column Chart and customize it to make it look like a thermometer.

In this example I show you how easy it is to insert a Thermometer Chart using Excel.



STEP 1: Given your data, ensure that you have the Percentage computed.

Thermometer Chart 01

We have the Percentage computed as the Total divided by the Goal Amount.

Thermometer Chart 02


STEP 2: Select the Percentage value, and select Insert > Column Charts > 2-D Clustered Column

Thermometer Chart 04


STEP 3: Right-click on the Header and Click Delete.

Thermometer Chart 05


STEP 4: Right-click on the bottom column name  and Click Delete

Thermometer Chart 06


STEP 5: Right click on the Column itself, and Select Format Data Series.

Thermometer Chart 07

Set the Gap Width to 0%. This will ensure the column fills our entire chart.

Thermometer Chart 08


STEP 6: Right click on the Column percentages, and Select Format Axis.

Thermometer Chart 09

Set the Maximum to 1. This will ensure our range is from 0% to 100%.

Thermometer Chart 10


STEP 7: Resize the chart to a smaller size. You now have your Thermometer Chart ready.

Update your data values and see the chart go up and down!

Thermometer Chart 11

Thermometer Chart

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