“It’s improved my confidence in working with Excel. I have opportunities that I didn’t have before because I didn’t even know the huge amount of things you can do with Excel. It’s unbelievable! Some things were overwhelming before, but now it seems like I can take those on and have confidence. I am saving so much time now that I don’t have to Google things and watch YouTube videos.”

Jonathan’s Results

  • More confidence using Excel
  • The ability to use drop-in tables
  • Integration of graphs into company reports
  • Time saved on researching solutions

How MyExcelOnline helped Jonathan improve his Excel skills

  • Short, easy to follow lessons
  • Excellent lessons for everyone for beginners to advanced
  • Flexible online learning options
  • Actionable tips and guides

What challenges did you have using Excel?

My name is Jonathan, and I am the wholesale sales manager for Global Healing. We sell organic nutrition and supplements.

I use Excel for many spreadsheets, order tracking, profit and loss statements, and other revenue spreadsheets. I use it all the time.

If there’s a request for a table or a graph chart, that gave me a lot of anxiety. I knew I would have to Google all over the place and figure out how to put a graph chart in the spreadsheet.

Growing up, I was always just putting spreadsheets together with raw numbers and adding columns with a summation, and that was about it.

We didn’t have all these drop-in tables and pie charts and graphs. I felt like I was lacking, and I wanted to get some extra help.

What was your Eureka moment?

I like the way the course is broken into short segments. I am super busy, so I don’t have time to do a whole hour at a time. I like that they’re broken into five or six-minute clips.

There was a lot of stuff in the toolbar that I didn’t even use and didn’t know was available. Even from the first lessons, I realized there were so many shortcuts that I was not even aware of.

Now I am saving so much time. I don’t have to Google things and can start on my tasks without learning how to do it first.

How did MyExcelOnline help you?

Now I am feeling more confident and proficient at jumping right in and creating things in Excel. I know where to find functions and don’t have that anxiety about feeling stuck.

Before, I would just procrastinate or avoid tasks because I knew I didn’t know how to do them. I would just put it on the back burner. So I think I have increased confidence to get in there and get things done.

Would you recommend MyExcelOnline?

I would recommend MyExcelOnline. I think the main reason why is the simplicity. I like the way it’s laid out.

The way it keeps your progress so you can close out and come back in, and it’s right there we’re left off, is excellent. I liked the instructor, at least the one that’s doing the beginner course. I haven’t even got to some of the later modules, but he’s very straight forward.

The course itself is slow enough that anyone can pick it up. Most importantly, I like the small snippets that you can just check off as you go, so you don’t need an hour a day to dedicate to it.