Stock Data Analysis is no easy feat!  Once you have a lot of historical stock data it’s hard to visualize the trend using technical analysis.

Thankfully Excel has a lot of stock charts to help you with that, and one of them is the Candlestick Chart!

A Candlestick Chart has a vertical line that indicates the range of low to high prices and a thicker column for the opening and closing prices:

Candlestick Chart Using Excel


Below is the data source that we are going to use in Excel:

Candlestick Chart

You need a Date column which should be the first column.

Then this should be followed by a Open, High, Low, and Close column. This is the exact order that needs to be followed in order to create the Candlestick Chart.

In this example I show you how easy it is to insert this using Excel.

Candlestick Chart Using Excel | MyExcelOnline


STEP 1: Highlight your data of stock prices:

Candlestick Chart


STEP 2: Go to Insert > Stock Charts > Open-High-Low-Close

Candlestick Chart


STEP 3: Right click on your Legend and choose Delete as we do not need this.

Candlestick Chart


STEP 4: Go to Chart Tools > Design and select the preferred design to make your chart more presentable!

Candlestick Chart


And there you have it! Your own Candlestick Chart!

Candlestick Chart

Create a Candlestick Chart



Candlestick Chart Using Excel | MyExcelOnline


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