Power Query lets you perform a series of steps to transform your messy Excel data. And if you have a whole lot of steps, you can add your own comment in query steps in Power Query!

This will make it easier for you to understand your query, or if another person will use it, they can pick it up quickly!

Let’s go through the steps in detail:

Comment In Query Steps In Power Query | MyExcelOnline



STEP 1: Let us edit an existing query that we want to modify.

Go to Data > Get & Transform > Show Queries

Comment in Query Steps

Double click on your Query to open the Power Query Editor.

Comment in Query Steps


STEP 2: We want to add a comment to one of our steps. Right click on the step that removes the top rows and select Properties:

Comment in Query Steps in Power Query


Since this step removes the first two months, type in the Description “Remove January and February” and click OK.

Comment in Query Steps in Power Query

You have saved your first comment in Power Query! You can repeat the same steps for other query steps as well.


How to Comment in Query Steps in Power Query


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