What´s a dynamic data validation drop down list in Excel, you say?

Well, as you add new data into your Excel Table, your drop down list automatically gets updated.

That is a cool feature and it means that you do not need to update your data validation source reference each time you update your data with a new entry, saving you heaps of time in the long run.

In a few steps you too can create this:

1. Convert your data to an Excel Table (Ctrl+T)

2. Select your table´s column by hovering over the Excel Table and left clicking when the arrow pointer shows

3. In the ribbon go to Formulas > Define Name > enter a custom name with no spaces (we will put this name in step 5) and press OK

4. Click in a cell and go to the ribbon and choose Data > Data Validation > List

5. In the Source box enter the name you created in Step 3 and press OK

6. If you want to add extra data into your Excel Table, hover with your mouse in the bottom right hand corner and when you see a double arrow, drag down.

7. Enter a new entry and this will automatically be updated in your drop down list.


Dynamic Data Validation







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