This post was inspired by Mr.Excel’s new book MrExcel XL: 40 Greatest Excel Tips of All Time and in particular the 3rd tip that I read called The Fill Handle Does Know 1,2,3…

Excel knows to fill down/right when you are working with dates, days, months, years and even quarters.  That is very helpful and quick.

When you fill any values, an Auto Fill Options box pops up which you can click and select the different options available.

If you are filling dates, then you have the option to auto fill by Weekdays, Months and Years.  How cool is that!

Another trick is if you want to fill down an incremental number, say from 1 to 2,3,4,5,6…..

To do this you need to enter the number 1 in a cell, hold down the CTRL key and then fill down that cell which will increment the numbers.

Try these tricks for yourself by downloading and practicing below:


Fill Handle Techniques2






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