In this popular Free Excel Formulas & Functions Webinar Training which goes for 60 minutes you will learn the MUST KNOW Excel Formulas to ADVANCE your Excel skills!

You will learn the following Excel Formulas & Functions: IF, SUMIF, VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH + MORE…!

Plus we will teach you:

  • The most popular Excel Formulas that get asked during interviews & ones that you NEED to know!
  • A proven step by step guide to creating Excel Formulas in SECONDS!
  • The limitations of using a VLOOKUP and why INDEX&MATCH is better!
  • 3 TIPS that the Excel experts & MVPS use that will enhance your Formula knowledge!
  • You will receive a BONUS Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet and also  download the Excel workbook used in the training so you can follow along & practice!


The times are shown on your local timezone, so please click the link below to register for a day and time that works for you…


free excel formuls training


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