Hey there,

I have been having a huge response to this highly acclaimed Pivot Table webinar and will continue to give these lessons in to the new year!  If a date is not suitable for you, you can always come back to the Registration link below on a future date.  Happy Pivoting 🙂


During the ONLINE WEBINAR we´re going to show you…

How to set up your data and create a Pivot Table in less than 3 minutes which will increase your efficiency!

 How to put your key business metrics like Year to Date Sales, Monthly Variations and Top 10 Customers in an interactive Pivot Table, taking your analytical skills to another level

 How to create an Interactive Dashboard with Slicers & Pivot Charts that will WOW your boss and get you noticed by top Management

Pivot Table tips & special Bonus attendee material that you can keep and use to become better at Excel straight away which will skyrocket your personal development!




What webinar attendees are saying…


“Simply an awesome, with in an hour I found myself a Pivot expert” – Carmen


This webinar was MINDBLOWING! – Arnie

Thank you so much John! This was absolutely amazing! Super helpful. Thank you! – Akos


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting on this incredible presentation today.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and learned some new things about Pivot Tables.  I love excel and you just added to my toolbox of knowledge” – Anthony




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