An Icon Set is a Conditional Formatting icon/graphic that you can include in your cells or Pivot Tables.

The icon will depend on the cell´s value so you can highlight key variances or trends.  There are a few sets that you can include, like:

DIRECTIONAL (Change in values)


SHAPES (Milestones)


INDICATORS (Positive/Negative)


RATINGS (Scores)


I show you how easy it is to insert an Icon Set within a Pivot Table that will show a “directional icon” depending on the change of the monthly sales values.

So when monthly sales increase from the previous month, a green up arrow is shown and when monthly sales decrease, a red down arrow is shown.


STEP 1: Place the SALES Field in VALUES

Icon Sets in Pivot Table


STEP 2: Click on the new field and Select Value Field Settings

Icon Sets in Pivot Table

Go to Show Values as > Difference From > (previous) to get the difference from the previous month

Icon Sets in Pivot Table


STEP 3: Click in a variance cell. Go to Home > Styles > Conditional Formatting > Icon Sets > The First Icon Set

Icon Sets in Pivot Table

STEP 4: Make sure to select the third option. This excludes the subtotals and grand totals.

Icon Sets in Pivot Table


STEP 5: Go to Home > Styles > Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules

Icon Sets in Pivot Table

Select Edit Rule.

Icon Sets in Pivot Table

Set the settings to the ones shown below. This will set the column to show the arrow icons only.

Icon Sets in Pivot Table

Your icons are now ready in your Pivot Table!

Icon Sets in Pivot Table


How to Use Icon Sets In A Pivot Table



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