We love using slicers, it just adds a level of interactivity in our reports. Did you know you can now multi-select slicer items as well?

With just a click on your slicer, you can now enable this!

This is our data that we will use for the Slicer.

Multiselect Slicer Items



STEP 1: Insert a new Pivot table by clicking on your data and going to Insert > Pivot Table > New Worksheet or Existing Worksheet

Multiselect Slicer Items


STEP 2: In the ROWS section put in the Products field.  In the VALUES section put in the Sales field.

Multiselect Slicer Items


STEP 3: Let us now add our slicer! Go to PivotTable Tools> Analyze > Filter > Insert Slicer

Multiselect Slicer Items

STEP 4: Make sure SALES REGION is ticked. Click OK.

Multiselect Slicer Items


And now you have your Slicer! We just need to tick the Multi-Select button to enable this:

Multiselect Slicer Items

And just that, you can now multi-select slicer items! See here we have now selected Americas and Asia:

Multiselect Slicer Items

How to Multi-Select Slicer Items in Excel Pivot Tables

Helpful Resource:

Multiselect Slicer Items



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