Sometimes when you create a Pivot Table and want to insert a Slicer you are unable to do this as the Slicer button is greyed.

You try to click on the Slicer button but nothing happens.

What gives??

Slicer Connection Greyed Out

There are two things that can cause your Slicer connection to be greyed out!

ONE: Your file format is in an older/incompatible format (e.g. an .xls file extension)

TWO: You can see the text [Compatibility Mode] right beside the name of your excel file:

Slicer Connection Greyed Out

Let me show you quickly how you can resolve this problem in just a few steps!


STEP 1: Go to File > Convert

Slicer Connection Greyed Out

Slicer Connection Greyed Out


STEP 2: This will convert your Excel file into a more updated version.

Click OK.

Slicer Connection Option Greyed Out For Excel Pivot Table

Click Yes to reload your workbook.

Slicer Connection Option Greyed Out For Excel Pivot Table


Voila! You can now insert your slicer!

NB: You can also Save As your current file as an .XLSX file format.  Then close this file and open it again and you will be able to use the Slicer button again!

Slicer Connection Option Greyed Out For Excel Pivot Table



Slicer Connection Option Greyed Out For Excel Pivot Table

Helpful Resource:

Free Excel Pivot Table Online Training Course


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