Have you ever thought of printing out your Pivot Chart, Excel allows you print a pivot chart with just a few clicks!

We will show you how to print this out and save as a pdf file.

Here we have our Pivot Table and Pivot Chart ready:

Print a Pivot Chart

Printing a Pivot Chart | MyExcelOnline



STEP 1: Make sure you have clicked and select your Pivot Chart. elect a spot right beside your Pivot Table.

Go to File > Print

Print a Pivot Chart


STEP 2: Change the orientation by selecting Landscape Orientation. This ensures our Pivot Chart is shown nicely in the printout.

We have selected Microsoft Print to PDF to save this as a pdf file. Click Print and save the file.


Print a Pivot Chart


Let us open the pdf file. You can now see your printout!

Print a Pivot Chart


How to Print a Pivot Chart


Helpful Resource:

Excel Pivot Table


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