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Row Differences

If you have two rows that you want to compare, for example, sale amount versus amount paid,... read more

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Row Differences | MyExcelOnline

If you have two rows that you want to compare, for example, sale amount versus amount paid, you can easily filter the differences between these two columns by going in to the Find & Select > Go To Special > Row Differences.

Once the cells have been identified, you can color them in and then filter to see each transaction.

Row Differences | MyExcelOnline
download workbookRow-Differences.xlsx

STEP 1: Select the rows that you want to compare

Row Differences

STEP 2: Press Ctrl + G to open the Go To Dialog. Select Special

Row Differences

STEP 3: Select Row Differences and click OK.

Row Differences

STEP 4: Color the selected cells

Row Differences

STEP 5: Now let’s filter and leave these rows! Go to Home > Sort & Filter > Filter

Row Differences

STEP 6: Go to Paid Column Filter > Filter by Color > Color Red

Row Differences

Now you have your row differences!

Row Differences

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Row Differences | MyExcelOnline
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