Ever had a lot of historical stock data closing prices and you want to visualize how it is going so far?

You can actually use the good old Line Chart in Excel to create your own Stock Line Chart!

Below is the data source that we are going to use to create our Stock Line Chart in Excel:

Stock Line Chart in Excel

We need 2 data points to create this chart, the Date and the Close Price.

In this example I show you how easy it is to insert a Stock Line Chart using Excel.


STEP 1: Highlight your data of stock prices:

Stock Line Chart in Excel


STEP 2: Go to Insert > Line Charts > Line

Stock Line Chart in Excel


STEP 3: Right click on your Title and choose Delete as we do not need this.

Stock Line Chart in Excel


STEP 4: Go to Chart Tools > Design and select the preferred design to make your chart more presentable!

Stock Line Chart in Excel


And there you have it!  Your own Stock Line Chart in Excel!

Stock Line Chart in Excel

Create a Stock Line Chart




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