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Top 3 Excel Keyboard Tips

There are a lot of hidden keyboard tricks to increase your efficiency in Excel. I am surprised myself with... read more

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There are a lot of hidden keyboard tricks to increase your efficiency in Excel. I am surprised myself with these hidden gems!

Here are Top 3 Excel Keyboard Tips for Excel Power Users like you!

You will have a fun time increasing your productivity with these tricks!


Top 3 Excel Keyboard Tips | MyExcelOnline



Display Formulas With a Single Keypress

[CTRL + `]


I used to have workbooks full of formulas and the only way for me to check each formula was by clicking on each cell, one cell at a time…pfff!

Thankfully, here’s a quick tip that will speed up this process by using a keyboard shortcut to display all of the formulas!

Let us use an existing workbook with formula results to demonstrate this.  Our workbook has a column that uses the Replace formula.

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Now, what if we want to check the correctness of each formula?


If we click on a cell, then we can see the Replace formula and its arguments.  This is the slow way…



STEP 1: To display all of the formulas, press on your keyboard:

CTRL + `

The grave accent key ` is usually located on the top left of the keyboard beside the number 1 key.


You are now able to view all of the formulas, with just a single keypress!


STEP 2: To display the results of the formulas instead, press on your keyboard CTRL + ` again:





Changing Enter Key Behavior in Excel



Data Entry in Excel is a tedious process if Excel does not play its part. The great thing with Excel is it is very customizable. One of the common scenarios is when I want Excel to move in a different direction when I press the ENTER key.

The normal behavior for the ENTER key is to move downwards.

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However in our scenario, I’m trying to list down the exam scores for each student, so it would make sense every time I press the ENTER key, we would move from left to right:



STEP 1: Go to File.



STEP 2: Go to Options.



STEP 3: Go to Advanced > After pressing Enter, move selection > Direction: Right.

This will change our ENTER direction from Up to Down, into Left to Right.



STEP 4: Try it out! Enter a couple of scores and press ENTER. It will now move to the right, now data entry just got a lot more fun!





Move Over Multiple Worksheets Using Shortcut Keys



There are a lot of times when I had workbooks with a lot of worksheets inside. Whenever I had to check each sheet one by one, it was a tedious process as I had no choice but to click the sheets one by one!

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Thankfully, here’s a quick tip that will speed up by using a keyboard shortcut to move over multiple worksheets!

Let us use an existing workbook with multiple worksheets to demonstrate this.

Our workbook has multiple sheets inside:


The steps are very straightforward, which are outlined below:


STEP 1: To move to the right, press on your keyboard CTRL + PAGE DOWN:



STEP 2: To move to the left, press on your keyboard CTRL + PAGE UP:



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