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All You Need to Know About

Excel Sparklines

Sparklines in Excel is a tiny chart in a worksheet cell that provides a visual representation of data, learn all about the different ways of utilizing Excel Sparklines here!

Here are the top things on what you can do with how to insert Sparklines in Excel:

Add High & Low Points in an Excel Sparkline

Excel Sparklines are a great way to visualize lots of data quickly.  Differentiating the High and Low points within the Excel Sparkline pinpoints your strong and weak data points.
To enter a High or Low marker you need to click inside your Sparkline which will activate the Sparkline Tools Design tab.
You need to choose Marker Color > High/Low Point and then select the color that you want to represent.
Try it out by downloading the Excel workbook below.


Win/Loss Sparklines

When you have  a large data set with positive and negative numbers, a great way to visualize the trend is to add a Win/Loss Sparkline next to your data.
That way you or the reader can easily spot the trends and patterns.
To enter a Win/Loss Sparkline in Excel you firstly need to follow these steps:
1. Select your data;
2. Insert > Sparklines > Win/Loss
3. Select the range that you want to insert the Win/Loss Sparklines (this is usually the next column after your data ends) and press OK
4. You can change the Style of the Sparkline by clicking in the Sparkline (which activates the Sparkline Tools Tab in the ribbon) and then choosing the Style drop down box
5. To change the negative color you need to select Marker Color > Negative Points > Select Color


Excel Sparklines with Excel Tables

Did you know that you can include an Excel Sparkline inside an Excel Table? Well you can!
To create an Excel Table you need to highlight your data and press CTRL+T
Once you have your Excel Table you can add your Excel Sparklines inside one Column and use the data in other Columns to create your Sparkline.
Have a look at the following tutorial which explains this in a few simple steps…