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Most organizations find it challenging to create reports or make decisions by analyzing huge amounts of data spread across various Excel spreadsheets. This is where Excel Graphs comes into action!

Learning how to make a Graph in Excel can make your report aesthetically pleasing and easy to analyze!

Graphs can be used to convert a plethora of rows and columns in Excel into simple charts that are easy to evaluate.

Excel Charts are visual representations of data that are used to make sense to the gazillion amounts of data jammed into rows and columns. It is essential to learn how to create a graph in Excel if we want to obtain more information from the data. Charts are extremely useful to:

  • Understand the meaning behind the numbers
  • Summarize large amounts of data
  • Draw comparisons between data sets
  • Spot data outliers that are unrelated to the rest of the data
  • Identify data trends & patterns

We have over 60 tutorials for you to learn and master Excel Charts! So read on!

Click on any Excel Charts link below and it will take you to the free example tutorial & downloadable Excel workbook for you to practice!

Want to master Excel Charts from scratch?

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61 Excel Charts Examples! | MyExcelOnline



Bar, Line 



Column, Line 

Formatting Charts 



New Chart Types 


Pivot Charts 


Smart Art 



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