You can create Organizational Charts in Excel using SmartArt which I go through in this post here:   Organizational Charts in Excel

You can also extend this concept to create a Dotted Line Organizational Chart but we need to think outside the square a little bit to make this happen.  Follow these steps:

STEP 1: To insert an Organizational Chart in Excel you have to go to the ribbon menu and select Insert > SmartArt > Hierarchy > Organizational Chart;

STEP 2: You can add organizational titles to each shape by clicking on each shape and manually entering the title you desire;

STEP 3: We then need to insert an extra line by going to Insert > Shapes > Lines > Elbow Connector;

STEP 4: To make the line thicker you need to click on the line and go to the Drawing Tools Format > Shape Outline > Weight > 3pt

STEP 5: To add a dotted line you need to click on the line and go to the Drawing Tools Format > Shape Outline > Dashes

Dotted Line Organizational Charts | MyExcelOnline





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