In a previous blog post we created a Benchmark Chart using Excel 2013.  We are going to extend this concept and add some cool looking custom chart labels to make our chart more informative.

View the Benchmark Chart using Excel 2013



STEP 1: We added a % Variance column in our data and inserted symbols ▲▼ to show a negative and positive variance

** You can see the tutorial of how this is done here **

variance table

STEP 2: In our graph we need to select the Sales chart and Right Click and choose Add Data Labels

add data labels

STEP 3: We then need to select one Data Label with our mouse and press CTRL + 1 to bring up the Format Data Labels dialogue box

STEP 4: From the Format Data Labels dialogue box we need to select the Value From Cells box only and make sure no other boxes are ticked

format data labels

STEP 5: This will bring up a Data Label Range dialogue box.  If it does not show, then you need to select the Select Range… button.  From here you need to select the Variance data range and press OK.

data label range

Your cool looking chart labels are now on your chart!


Custom Chart Labels





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