Pivot Charts in Excel are an extension of a Pivot Table and they show its values in a graphical representation.  So when you filter a Pivot Table, the Pivot Chart updates accordingly.

To insert a Pivot Chart you need to click in your Pivot Table, go to the PivotTable Tools tab in the Ribbon and choose Pivot Chart.  Below I show you how easy this can be achieved and in a few clicks you can turn dull information in to colorful insight!

Pivot Charts | MyExcelOnline


Here is our Pivot Table:

Pivot Charts | MyExcelOnline

STEP 1: Click on your Pivot Table and go to Options > PivotChart

Pivot Charts | MyExcelOnline


STEP 2: Select a Chart type and click OK.

Pivot Charts | MyExcelOnline

You now have your cool Pivot Chart!

Pivot Charts | MyExcelOnline


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