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In this Christmas Special podcast episode, I gather 22 Excel experts from around the world to share their best tip of the year!

At the end of the podcast episode, there is a great Excel song created by Clint Tuttle called “Can’t Stop Excelling” and it is a very catchy song indeed!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love, John Michaloudis 🙂

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Here are the Excel Tips in Order of Appearance:

    1. Benjamin Oberholzer from
    2. Bill Jelen
    3. Chris “Macro” Newman
    4. Clint Tuttle from ClintTuttle YouTube Channel
    5. Danielle Stein Fairhurst from
    6. Debra Dalgleish from
    7. Francis Hayes from
    8. George Mount from
    9. Jeff Lenning from 
    10. Joel Villar from
    11. Jon Acampora from
    12. Kasper Langmann from
    13. Ken Puls from
    14. Kyle Pew from
    15. Mynda Treacy from
    16. Miguel Escobar from
    17. Oz du Soleil from ExcelOnFire YouTube Channel
    18. Puneet Gogia from
    19. Rick Grantham from
    20. Rob Collie from
    21. Ryan Wells from
    22. Steve McDonald from
    23. Me! from
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Clint Tuttle’s Can’t Stop Excelling Song:

(Christmas Special) 013: The Best Excel Tips of 2016 from 23 Excel Experts

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