“I’m saving so much time that I am taking breaks. Now I am not behind all the time! People are now coming to me and asking for help with Excel, where before, I was the one that needed support. It has been a big turnaround! I have run into a couple of snags here or there while I’m at work, but the forum has been awesome. If I can’t figure it out, I post a question, and they always respond quickly. None of my challenges has gone unresolved.”

Lori’s Results

  • More productive at work
  • Less time spent on tasks that can be automated
  • No longer requiring the support of coworkers
  • Can now use pivot charts confidently

How MyExcelOnline helped Lori be more productive

  • Helpful guides and ‘cheat sheets’
  • Up to date courses
  • A logical progression from beginner to advanced levels
  • A supportive online community

What challenges did you have using Excel?

My name is Lori, and I am a director of front office systems and process improvement. I never took any training in Excel. I was self-taught, and it was an easy program to work with.

As my job got more technical, I didn’t know anything about the formulas and stuff like that. You know, I make a spreadsheet, and I can sort it and insert rows and columns and simple things like that.

If I needed to do something, I would Google it and spend hours down that rabbit hole or find other people that I knew were better than me to ask.

MyExcelOnline has been fantastic because I’ve learned so much. And I look forward to going in every day and taking more lessons.

What was your Eureka moment?

Before I started taking the course, My boss and I talked about my spreadsheet, and he said I should make a Pivot Chart. I had no idea what that was, and he encouraged me to learn how to do it.

When I got to that point within the training, I was so excited. Now when I send my boss the weekly spreadsheet, I include three pivot charts. They’re just so cool, and I love them!

I always thought things like that would have to be redone every time you update them. I had no idea that you can click on a button and refresh it. It is just awesome!

Would you recommend MyExcelOnline?

I liked the pace of the course and how the lessons are laid out. I love the fact that you can go back and replay a class.

The tools, the cheat sheets and the top tip guides and the forums are fantastic. I have shared several of those with some of my coworkers as well.