Did you know that you can create a 3D Map in Excel to visualize your geographic and temporal data?

You will be blown away by what it can show you, as it offers you a different perspective as compared to tables and charts!

We will be using data from a list of Power Station examples that we have downloaded from

Microsoft. This is our sample table with geographic location and specified times:

3D Map in Excel

3D Maps In Microsoft Excel | MyExcelOnline



STEP 1: Ensure you have clicked on your data. Go to Insert > Tours > 3D Map

3D Map in Excel


STEP 2: All of a sudden you have a bare 3D Map!

Let us do the following, drag the following fields:

  • Capacity (Megawatts) to Height – to show a tall bar per location according to the value
  • Company to Category – to color code the bar according to the company’s portion
  • Initial Date of Operation to Time – you will see something cool later, wherein an animation of a timeline will be generated!

3D Map in Excel

And just like that your 3D Map is now ready for your analysis!

3D Map in Excel

STEP 3: Wait there’s more! Go to Home > Tour > Play Tour

You will see an animation of the timeline on the growth of Capacity has went over time per location!

3D Map in Excel

See our recording below to see the timeline in action!


How to Create a 3D Map



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