Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria

What does it do?

It returns the sum of multiple criteria from the corresponding ranges or arrays

Formula breakdown:

=SUMPRODUCT((array 1 criteria) * (array2 criteria) * array values)

What it means:

=SUMPRODUCT((find my criteria in this array) * (find my criteria in that array) * return the values from the values array)

The SUMPRODUCT function is my favorite Excel function by a stretch!  You can create some powerful calculations with the SUMPRODUCT function by creating a criteria for a selected array.  For example, you can see how much sales your sales rep did in a particular region and for a particular quarter without having to create a Pivot Table.

It takes some practice to get comfortable with this function but when you master it, it opens up another Excel world!



In our example, we want to get the total sales of John in the North Region in Q1:

Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria


STEP 1: We need to enter the SUMPRODUCT function:


Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria


STEP 2: Create the criteria for the Sales Rep “John”:


Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria

Create the criteria for the Region “North”:


Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria

Create the criteria for the Quarter “1”:


Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria

Create the sum array to total the values of the Sales column:


Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria

Once your formula is complete, you can see that it magically calculated the sum of the matching values!

Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria


Excel SUMPRODUCT Multiple Criteria

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