A great way to highlight values within your data set, Excel Table or Pivot Table is to use Conditional Formatting rules.

Formatting cells that contain a specific criteria, for example, greater than X or less than X, is a good way to visualize your results.

When your criteria references a cell, then you can make this conditional format interactive.  So as you manually change the referenced cell´s value, the conditional format gets updated and you can see the live results, as shown below….



STEP 1: Select a cell in your Pivot Table.


STEP 2: Go to Home > Conditional Formatting > New Rule


STEP 3: Set Apply Rule to the third option: All cells showing “Sum of SALES” values for “MONTH” and “YEAR”


STEP 4: Select a rule type: Format Only Cells That Contain


STEP 5: Edit the Rule Description. Go to Cell Value > Greater Than > Select The Cell


STEP 6: Select the cell format. Click Format and select a color. Click OK.

Try it out now! The highlight now happens dynamically when you update the value.

Cond Format Cell Value



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