Power Query is awesome!

You will see why after viewing this tutorial.

I get lots of queries from my blog readers asking me if there is a way to easily consolidate multiple Excel worksheets into one.

With Power Query the answer is YES!

If you have multiple Excel worksheets that are in the same format and their underlying differences are their values and dates (e.g. January Sales List, February Sales List, March Sales List etc), then we can easily consolidate all the worksheets into one.

Here is how…


STEP 1: Make sure that each worksheet´s data is in an Excel Table by clicking in the data and pressing CTRL+T

excel table


STEP 2: Click in each of the worksheets data that you want to consolidate and select:

Power Query > From Table

from table


STEP 3: This will open up the Query Editor and all you have to do here is press Close & Load.  

NB: Make sure to do Step 2 & 3 for each worksheet you want to consolidate

close & load


STEP 4: Select Power Query > Append 



STEP 5: Choose the Three or more tables option

three or more table


STEP 6: Add the tables to append from the Available Tables (from the left) to the Tables to Append (to the right) by selecting and pressing the Add button.

You can also organise the order that you want your consolidated table to appear by moving the Tables up or down

Press the OK button!



STEP 7: This will open up the Query Editor once again.  Choose Close & Load.

close & load2


STEP 8: This will open up a brand new worksheet which will consolidate all the worksheets into one big Table:

consolidated table


STEP 9: From this consolidate worksheet you can Insert a Pivot Table and do your analysis:

pivot table

Append Multiple Sheets

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