Have you ever had a scenario where you write a formula and just want to show the value output only and get rid of the formula?

Here is an example of a formula:


Well I do not need the formula, bit I do want the last names only….hard copied!

Fortunately, I have discovered two ways that you can achieve this…



STEP 1: Select the area that contains the formulas.

Click CTRL+C

On the column that you want to place the values on, right-click and select Paste Values: 

You can see that the actual values are now stored in that column!


STEP 2: Here’s an alternative way.  Select the area that contains the formulas.

Right-click and hold on the right border.

Drag the border, whilst holding down the right-click on your mouse, to the area you want the values to be placed in.

Select Copy Here as Values Only.

You now have the actual values hardcoded!



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