There are lots of different Table Styles that you can choose from to spice up your Excel Table.  You can also customize your own style if you don’t like any of the default Excel styles.

To access the Table Styles, you simply need to click inside your Table and then the Table Tools Ribbon tab will activate.


STEP 1: While selecting a cell in the table, go to Table Tools > Design > Table Styles

Pick any style that you prefer

You now have your updated table.

STEP 2: You can also create your own style! Go to Table Tools > Design > Table Styles > New Table Style

STEP 3: You can give the new table style a name. Click Format

STEP 4: Let us select Fill and pick a color. Click OK twice.

STEP 5: Go to Table Tools > Design > Table Styles

Pick your newly created style

It is now reflected in your Excel Table!

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