If you have a data set with text consisting of names and email addresses that are wrapped inside a parenthesis, like:

John (john@email.com)


…then you can use the Text to Columns feature in Excel to take out the email addresses and put them in a separate column.

See how this is done with the following short tutorial.


STEP 1: Let us add a new column for us to place the Email addresses in.

Right-click on the Year Column header. Go to Insert > Table Columns to the Left

Make sure to rename the new column header to Email.

STEP 2: Now we have a blank Email column. Select the values of the Name & Email column.

STEP 3: Go to Data > Text to Columns

STEP 4: Click Next.

We want to split the Name & Email value by the (.

To do this select Other and populate inside. Click Next.

The preview of the conversion looks good. Click Finish.

Click OK.

STEP 5: Now we have the Email column populated.  The last step is to remove the ) at the end.

Select the values of the Email column.

STEP 6: Let us do a replacement of the values. Press CTRL + H.

Place ) in the Find what and click Replace All. This will replace the with a blank value, resulting in it getting completely removed.

Now we have our names and emails separated!


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