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Extra Excel Table Styles

The Excel Table Styles give a user a choice of different styles ranging from Light, Medium and... read more

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John Michaloudis
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The Excel Table Styles give a user a choice of different styles ranging from Light, Medium and Dark.

There are over 50 choices depending on your favorite style or company standard but you are not only limited to those.

You have extra Table styles in the Page Layout tab in your Ribbon menu.  Click on that and select the Colors drop-down and you can choose from an array of combinations.

Go crazy with this to brighten up your dull data 🙂

Extra Excel Table Styles | MyExcelOnline
Download workbookExtra-Table-Styles.xlsx

STEP 1:  Select anywhere in the table. Go to Table Tools > Design > Table Styles

Extra Excel Table Styles

There are a lot of styles to choose from! Pick any that you prefer.

Extra Excel Table Styles

STEP 2:  Now here is the magic trick, if you need more colors, there’s more!

Go to Page Layout > Colors and there are even more combinations!

Extra Excel Table Styles

After picking one, here is the final result for the Excel Table Style!

Extra Excel Table Styles



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