The Advanced Filter allows you to filter unique records and copy them to another location outside the data set.  This is useful when you want to use a filtered list for further analysis.

This can also be achieved by using a Pivot Table.  Placing a Field in the Row Labels will show unique values.  From there you can copy and paste outside the Pivot Table.


STEP 1: We want to create a list of unique values of the REGION column

Go to Data > Sort & Filter > Advanced

STEP 2: Select the following:

  • Copy to another location – this will create the unique list on your chosen location
  • List range – select the Region column and include the column header
  • Copy to – place it in a cell where you want the unique list to be generated
  • Unique records only – make sure this is ticked to create a unique list

Click OK

You now have your list of unique values generated!

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