There are various lookup functions that bring back values from a range of data like the VLOOKUP, INDEX, INDEX-MATCH and OFFSET functions, just to name a few.

There is another lookup formula that you can use that will return the intersection of two Named Ranges!

This is done by using the SUM formula and entering a Named Range for the 1st argument and then pressing the SPACE BAR on your keyboard (thus activating the intersection) and entering a 2nd Named Range.

This combination will look at the intersection of the 1st Named Range and the 2nd Named Range and return that cell’s value.  I show you how below…

Two Way Lookup Using The SUM Intersect Function | MyExcelOnline


STEP 1: Highlight your data which has to have Column headings and Row headings, just like the table below:

highlight data


STEP 2: Go to the ribbon menu and select Formulas > Create from Selection 

create from selection


STEP 3: This will bring up the Create Names from Selection dialogue box.  Choose the Top Row and Left Column boxes, as this is where your headings are located and press OK:

create names dialogue box


STEP 4: In the ribbon menu, go to Formulas > Name Manager to see the Named Ranges that were created in Step 3

Name Manager

You can double click on a Named Range and click on the Refers to area to see the range (press ESC to get out of this screen):

named range confirm


STEP 5: Enter the SUM function and in the first argument type in the 1st Named Range:


sum 1st argument


STEP 6: Enter a SPACE after the 1st argument.  Now type in the 2nd Named Range:


2nd argument


This will return the intersection of the 1st and 2nd Named Ranges:


You can even make this formula interactive by inserting a drop down menu (data validation) for the Months and the Regions!



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