Each time you Refresh a Pivot Table you will most likely get annoyed at the fact that the column widths that you worked so hard to align – will return back to normal 🙁

Do not fear, Pivot Table Options is here!

All you need to do is Right Click in the Pivot Table and choose PivotTable Options and then under the Layout & Format tab you need to “uncheck” the box that says: Autofit column widths on update

Next time you update your data and Refresh your Pivot Table, the column width will never change 🙂



STEP 1: Right click in the Pivot Table and select Pivot Table Options


STEP 2: Uncheck Autofit Column Widths on Update


STEP 3: Update your data


STEP 4: Refresh your pivot table

Our Pivot Table column widths do not change anymore!

Keep Column Width Upon Refresh



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