Whenever you are auditing an Excel worksheet and need to know where all the formulas are located, a great way is to highlight the formula cells in a distinctive color.  This is how it is done:

STEP 1: Select all the cells in your Excel worksheet by clicking on the top left hand corner of your worksheet.

Highlight all Formula Cells


STEP 2: Press the CTRL+G shortcut which will open up the Go To dialogue box and select the Special button.

Highlight all Formula Cells


STEP 3: Select the Formula radio button and press OK.

Highlight all Formula Cells


STEP 4: This will highlight all the formulas in your Excel worksheet and you can use the Fill Color to color in the formula cells.

Highlight all Formula Cells

And now all your cells containing formulas are now highlighted!

Highlight all Formula Cells

You can practice this cool trick by downloading this workbook:


How to Highlight All Formula Cells in Excel

Highlight all Formula Cells


How to Combine VLOOKUP and IFERROR to Replace the #N/A Error in Excel



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