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Pivot Table Calculated Item

Pivot Table Calculated Items allow you to do mathematical calculations with your Item List.  You can use... read more

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Pivot Table Calculated Items allow you to do mathematical calculations with your Item List.  You can use any of the Excel mathematical equations, like /*+-%.

The only limitation is that you cannot reference any cells.  Pivot Table Calculated Items can be used to calculate changes between each other, like a month´s or year’s value, averages or summation.

To activate the Calculated Item you have to make sure that you click on the chosen Item in the Pivot Table, then go to the PivotTable Tools tab in the Ribbon and go to Options > Fields, Items & Sets > Calculated Item.

Pivot Table Calculated Item | MyExcelOnline

Download excel workbookCalculated-Item.xlsx


STEP 1: Click on the item that you want to calculate.

Pivot Table Calculated Item


STEP 2: Click on the Pivot Table and Go to Options > Fields, Items, & Sets > Calculated Item

Pivot Table Calculated Item


STEP 3: Set the Name to Year on Year Variance

Pivot Table Calculated Item


STEP 4: Set the Formula to use the Years: ‘2015’-‘2014’. Click OK.

Pivot Table Calculated Item

Your Calculated Item is now ready!

Pivot Table Calculated Item


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